Species Detail - Dryopteris affinis subsp. borreri - Species information displayed is based on the dataset "BSBI tetrad data for Ireland".

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Dryopteris affinis subsp. borreri
Aspidium filix-mas var. stillupense, Dryopteris affinis subsp. robusta non Sabr., Dryopteris affinis subsp. stilluppensis, Dryopteris affinis var. robusta nom. inval., Dryopteris borreri, Dryopteris borreri var. robusta nom. nud., Dryopteris filix-mas subsp. abbreviata, Dryopteris filix-mas var. borreri, Dryopteris mediterranea sensu Holub et auct., non Fomin, Dryopteris mediterranea var. robusta nom. inval., Dryopteris paleacea auct., non (T. Moore) Hand.-Mazz. nec (Lag. ex Sw.) C.Chr., Dryopteris pseudomas pro parte excl. typ., Dryopteris pseudomas subsp. robusta nom. inval., Dryopteris tavelii, Dryopteris woynarii auct., non Rothm., Lastrea filix-mas subsp. borreri, Lastrea filix-mas subsp. borreri, Nephrodium filix-mas abbreviatum, Nephrodium filix-mas borreri, Polystichum abbreviatum
(Newman) Fraser-Jenk.
9 February (recorded in 2014)
6 September (recorded in 2015)
Botanical Society of the British Isles, BSBI tetrad data for Ireland, National Biodiversity Data Centre, Ireland, Dryopteris affinis subsp. borreri, accessed 02 October 2023, <https://maps.biodiversityireland.ie/Dataset/9/Species/127684>

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