Species Detail - Sea Ivory (Ramalina siliquosa) - Species information displayed is based on the dataset "General Biodiversity Records from Ireland".

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Distribution of the number of records recorded within each 10km grid square (ITM).
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Distribution of the number of records recorded within each 50km grid square (WGS84).
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Ramalina siliquosa
Sea Ivory
Lichen scopulorum, Lichen siliquosus, Parmelia scopulorum var. cornuata, Ramalina breviuscula auct. brit., Ramalina breviuscula forma gracilescens, Ramalina breviuscula sensu auct. brit., Ramalina crassa, Ramalina cuspidata forma cornuta, Ramalina cuspidata forma rugosa, Ramalina cuspidata var. crassa, Ramalina druidarum, Ramalina incrassata, Ramalina polymorpha auct. brit. p.p., Ramalina polymorpha sensu auct. brit. p.p., Ramalina scopulorum, Ramalina scopulorum forma tuberculosa, Ramalina scopulorum var. incrassata, Ramalina siliquosa forma cornuata, Ramalina siliquosa forma cornuta, Ramalina siliquosa forma crassa, Ramalina siliquosa forma gracilescens, Ramalina siliquosa forma incrassata, Ramalina siliquosa forma rugosa, Ramalina siliquosa forma tuberculosa, Ramalina siliquosa var. crassa, Ramalina siliquosa var. druidarum, Ramalina siliquosa var. gracilescens, Ramalina siliquosa var. scopulorum
(Huds.) A.L. Sm.
11 January (recorded in 2024)
8 November (recorded in 2008)
Collated by the National Biodiversity Data Centre from different sources, General Biodiversity Records from Ireland, National Biodiversity Data Centre, Ireland, Sea Ivory (Ramalina siliquosa), accessed 28 May 2024, <https://maps.biodiversityireland.ie/Dataset/7/Species/111893>

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